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Electrical Box/Enclosure Ratings Appropriate for Personal Protection against Dust or Water Ingress

Many Dwyer Instruments, Inc. products have enclosures that are designed to be rated weatherproof, dust-proof, or even submersible. There are two main rating codes for enclosure protection classification: NEMA and IEC. In the United States, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has publication 250-2003, Enclosures for Electrical Equipment, that is commonly used for ratings. Underwriters […]



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The Easy Guide to Buying Commonly Used NEMA Enclosures for Indoor or Outdoor Protection

NEMA rating is used in building enclosures that requires specific features to withstand certain applications and environmental factors such as: rain and ice. These applications can also result to corrosions and contaminates such as dust that may bring harmful effects on the electrical equipments. However, if unsure on which electrical enclosure type you should have […]



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What are the Characteristics I Should Look for a Server Rack?

There are several dazzling arrays of several rack options when it comes to different heights, sizes and styles. When a design engineer is designing a server rack to be used for an engineering project, there are several factors that you need to consider: Server rack size If you are the design engineer of your project, […]



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What is the Best Shipping Estimator for the Delivery of Electronics Enclosure?

Majority of the time, I manage my money through online banking. Because it is very fast, convenient, efficient to use, and easy to navigate. My bank does a really great job on maintaining their website to be user-friendly. Which in return this makes the customers – like me – loyal to their services. In line […]



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What is the Key to be Used for the AG-85 Key Holes

I have been utilizing and using one coffee mug for a very long time now. I liked it because it is really a huge mug that can hold about 3 cups of coffee. With this in mind, I have a single-brew coffee maker. I never have to change the serving size of my coffee maker […]



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The Purpose of Debunking the UL Flame Ratings that are Being Used on Plastic Enclosures

While I was cooking breakfast one earl morning, the packaging of the sausage says that I should put the links on the pan, then afterwards I should cover and let it simmer. Now that we have a very wide selection of frying pans, only 1 of them has a lid. And we are already using […]



What are the Specific Material Specifications for the Plastic Electronics Enclosure that are Widely Available in the Market?

For our anniversary this year, my boyfriend gave me a training book for me to better handle my newly adopted dog. I know that this is not a usual anniversary gift, but he also got me a very pretty heart pendant that has my birth stone in it, in which case I have not taken […]

What are Ion Footbath and Its Wonderful Functions?

For these past few days, my dog has been some kind of pain for me. I have never owned a dog before so this requires a lot of learning experience about training and rearing. I have been asking everyone for pet advice and guidance. For the time being I have been asking people, there are […]

What does RF and EM Shielding does for Electronics Circuitry

There are available articles on the internet that talks about field of protective barriers for Electronics Circuitry. When you found articles, you will notice that there are two things that stand out: Sunscreen and EMI/RFI shielding. It is important for you to know more about sunscreen is, but in this article, we will discuss other […]



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Transactive Energy Explained for Manufacturers Part 1

By definition, transactive energy or TE is a growing energy source as evidenced by New York’s top vision discussions and also in Denmark and Australia.  Transactive Energy is one part of the big solution to come up with new approaches to integrate distributed energy resources to adapt to varying changes and preferences of electricity consumers. […]