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What are the Characteristics I Should Look for a Server Rack?

There are several dazzling arrays of several rack options when it comes to different heights, sizes and styles. When a design engineer is designing a server rack to be used for an engineering project, there are several factors that you need to consider:

Server rack size

If you are the design engineer of your project, make sure that you accurately assess the amount of rack space that you will be needing while allowing the rack server for future increase in size. It is very important to pay attention to the measurements of the server rack such as height and depth. The height of a rack is greatly expressed in “rack units” (a rack unit is 1.75 inches, or 44.45mm. In addition to this, the actual height of a 42U rack is exactly equivalent to 42 x 1.75 = 73.5 inches.

If it is going to be used on AV or IT-based installations

The best option should be much better and it should heavily depend on the type of equipment that you are going to install. There are some IT racks that are being primarily designed for the traditional use of IT equipment in case there is a need to utilize the I/O and cabling installed on the front of the rack. This easily makes the troubleshooting and network monitoring easier. The AV racks are usually shallow in depth and a cleaner installation is already been enabled.

The flow of air and method of cooling

These two factors are very important elements that contributes to the optimum performance and durability of the equipment that is installed inside the rack server. It depends on the condition of the airflow where the server rack is conveniently located. One may need to increase the rack’s cooling capacity and capability to effectively meet the needs of the component.

Width of the Equipment

The standard measurement for the server rack mounted network hardware is 19 inches. There are manufacturers that produces custom sizes for the other types of equipment that is being used. As the design engineer, you have to make sure that the sizes of the rack is just right for the requirements of the equipment.

Security Characteristics

While there is possibility that a great amount of expensive equipment should be properly installed on the rack, the engineer has to always make sure that proper security should be conveniently placed in mind. The server rack should be able to meet several security goals and it is very important. To effectively lock the cabinet as well as the tinted door glass can contribute to protecting your network from the prying eyes and hands.