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What are Fireproof Electrical Enclosures?

Fireproof electrical boxes are a great solution for companies who are looking for ways to shield their electric components from damage that can arrive from explosive environments where airtight sealing is impractical or even impossible. However, there are some electric equipment designs that can be hermetically sealed to protect them from potential external hazards. The majority of the equipment used in industrial electric power systems should not be shielded this way.

As a solution for this, there is a small apparatus that was placed inside the housing of the enclosure that is not really airtight will have a potential pull in atmospheric air once it is turned off or in the cooling process. The fluctuations that can happen inside the enclosure might cause the infiltration or ingress of some external elements. The ingress can cause a potential serious risk for the company systems that operates in environments where there is existence of combustible substance present in the atmosphere.

The lighting devices are very prone to this type of problem with the environment because there is a potential high level of temperature with great degree of variations, especially in between the “on” and “off” settings. In addition to this, the electric motors being used in this type of environment also poses a great and similar risk because there should be clearance required for their drive shafts to function properly.

The fireproof and flameproof electrical enclosures solve these types of problems because it enables the vital electric equipment to maintain the integrity of its performance without compromising all of tis safety requirements.

One of the main principles of creating a fireproof electric enclosure is do not solely focus on resisting the various effects that can occur in surrounding far, but it should focus on the prevention and spread of the flammable substances that were there in the first place.

Fireproofing procedure is all about placing the right electrical equipment inside the enclosure and it does not have the ned to be sealed – but is still able to somehow minimize the risk of having explosive gases or combustion of other flammable materials throughout the operation.

In addition to this, the fireproof enclosure is primarily intended for the prevention of spreading of the ignited mixture that is beyond the electrical enclosure and other machinery that it can damage. In its very essence, the fireproof electric enclosure can serve as a type of the pressure vessel in which the openings or gaps in the seal can effectively trap the flames before they will increase in a more significant threat.