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What is the Key to be Used for the AG-85 Key Holes

I have been utilizing and using one coffee mug for a very long time now. I liked it because it is really a huge mug that can hold about 3 cups of coffee. With this in mind, I have a single-brew coffee maker. I never have to change the serving size of my coffee maker because I know it will fill the largest serving it can give and it will totally fill in my mug.

When I have a visitor and I have to brew a coffee for them, I have to always remind myself that I have to select smaller coffee sizes because my visitors are not really into drinking a lot of coffee. Determining the right size that will fit each of my smaller mugs will help me avoid a really huge mess.

Just recently, I was being reminded of this principle while talking with someone – a customer of an enclosure manufacturing company. He asked as the customer representative what size of the plate the AG-85 was created to be fit on. While I was intrigued by listening to his story, I was curious to find out hat the keyholes are the just right spacing to fit a phone’s wall-jack. Although it was not really specifically useful because only to find out that there are very few style our mobile phones still have this wall-jack today.

In reality, when you carefully analyze it, this is a very odd coincidence. The keyholes are just properly spaced so that the screw heads are being placed in the center when the AG-85 is being installed on them. The screws can fit several sizes from a #8 to #12 screw, this particular plastic enclosure can be installed and mounted on a ceiling, wall, or even a table or computer desktop.

The screws can then be secured on these kind of surfaces – in particular, the AG-85 with your electronics equipment can be safely secured inside. Especially on slid over screws. This style of mounting can allow us for the easy installation and removal of the screws. Primarily also because that the screws can successfully remain on the walls and the plastic enclosure was successfully removed.

So regardless if you will use or will not use the information of  a specific project that are shared through the phone lines, the AG-85 will still be the most perfect fit.