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What are Ion Footbath and Its Wonderful Functions?

For these past few days, my dog has been some kind of pain for me. I have never owned a dog before so this requires a lot of learning experience about training and rearing. I have been asking everyone for pet advice and guidance. For the time being I have been asking people, there are two things that I keep hearing about: dog food puzzles and a harness used for walking. I was a bit skeptical at first but you know what I did? Research. I bought one of each of the items people are telling me to buy. Can I tell you something? After doing this, I think it is as if somebody has successfully replaced my crazy puppy with a mature, old, calm Ohio brown dog.

Not only for this type of situation you need research on, there are electronics, medical, education and other fields of expertise. All fields require you to do some form of research to actually determine what kind of things that works for you. This also applies on science to help you with your present as well as the future generations to have better lives.

This is exactly what TrueRife has been doing for its customers. They continue on researching and offering for the best support so that the TrueRife’s customers can go on with their research. One of the most important things that they give is one of their most famous prdoucts – the Ion Pro Wave system.

The ION PRO WAVE system is an expertise on the professional ion footbath. Not only that it can perform wonderful things, but this is the only computer frequency that was generated on the world with a bandwidth of 800 MHz and a frequency range of 1.5 MHz. The rest of the 700+ computer controlled programs can be operated by using this system.

Rather than having to introduce a straight electrical charge as being done on other ion footbaths, we have been developing computer driven frequency programs that targets specific conditions that are being introduced through the ionized energy of electrolysis. TrueRife has almost five years worth of research that delves into the development of our frequency sets.

The other ionic foot baths utilizes a 60 Hz  / 12 volt charge running through their systems and these are not programmed specifically or frequency based devices. In addition to this, this should not be compared to the existing Ion Pro Wave System.

To learn more about this unique system and the company itself, visit the www.truerife.com.

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