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What is an HF Radio Interference Filters?

During the past few weeks, we are having a bad telephone lines in our company. In just a manner of days it went from faintly working and eventually it went to a fainted echo. Then there was a quiet static of telephone lines but they were barely noticeable. The phone static just continued to get louder and louder until finally the users were not able to hear the person on the other line.

This was so bad. That’s why we contacted the telephone company. Upon talking with them, there was an interference that was caused by the recent heavy rain. However, there are other causes of interference that can totally disrupt some phone conversations.

There were two state of the art telephone stages or filters that were efficient in stopping the HF radio interference from totally disconnection from the modems – thus resulting to jamming telephones. These phone lines were guaranteed to attenuate RF in a more efficient way than other inexpensive plug-in filter that are available in the market.

Each of the filter was terminated just by using a modular plug and will stop working on some of the dial-up modems. This also includes the two single line telephones. What’s best about this is that they were very easy to install.

Below is the right process to do that:

1)    Quickly unplug the telephone line from the source

2)    After doing this, quickly plug in the telephone filter

3)    When you have plugged in the telephone filter, plug the phone line into it.

After this process, you can now efficiently use your modem with you telephone even if there is a strong presence of HF and RF fields. There are wide range of quality filters available in online stores – they are a quick fix to the telephone interference and can be bought at very reasonable prices.

There are modem and telephone filters, HF super filters, as well as AM filters available online especially in California area. They are nickel-zinc ferrite choke and can be plugged in. The RF filters are a very convenient way, cost-efficient, and very effective when you are dialing up some modems and telephones.