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What are Surge Suppressors: A Product Spotlight

Do you know when they say that our pets begin to resemble the face of their owners? Well, my furbaby and I have a very similar, common trait: we are both freeze babies. Because of this, I purchased a space heater that we can use to blow the air directly on us while we are curled up on the couch while watching the television. Totally smothered in our blankets.

To give you a bit of context, I live in a very old house, there is one electricity outlet available in my living room that can reach the couch. I just plugged in the space heater in, turned on the television and the cable box, and my whole living room suddenly went dark. I guess I am a bit ecstatic about this because I utilize my surge protector as an outlet extension as much as a surge protector. This is because I did not destroyed anything because of an unexpected surge of power in the heater that I took.

In our product spotlight, this is the exact product that totally prevents that very same thing: telephone line transient voltage surges. The DLT is a 1-Pair (but there are also available 2, 3, or 4 paris available) Telephone Line Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor. It has a The Dual2W and ILCP are 2-Wire in, 2-Wire out UL approved (Underwriters Labatories) Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors utilized inside an isolated loop circuits or data line applications.

These are the electrical equipment that has voltage needs that ranges from 15-Volts 1-Amp, 15-Volts 3-Amps, 30-Volts 1-Amp, 30-Volts 3-Amp, 60-Volts 1-Amp, 60-Volts 3- Amps and 200-Volts DC. Also available are 4-Wire and 6-Wire configurations.

The company that produces these equipment – Innovative Technologies Associates, Inc. (ITA, Inc.) – as an extensive 25+ years of electronics experience in making, designing, and manufacturing these type of products. The transient voltage surge suppressors. In addition to this, they manufacture a whole line of surge suppressors that are available for the residential, commercial, and some industrial applications. The Isolated Loop Circuit Protectors have been approved as the newest UL 497B listing available today!

To learn more about their product and services, contact Contact Jodi Crumbliss by phone 727-329-8910, email Jodi@itaenergy.com, or fax 727-329-8909.

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