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The Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Right Enclosure

There are lot of questions that comes from customer inquiries about selecting the right electronics enclosure. I agree that because of several types, ratings, and materials used there are lot of possibilities for an electronics enclosure design. Also to add, companies have recognized this dilemma and they started to improve their catalog selection on their website.

You can filter the products through material, enclosure type, and customization features. Of course for any customization it depends on where it will be used right?

To make it easier for anyone, in this article we will discuss some of the features one can consider in selecting a electronics enclosure.

Flanged/Surface-Mount Accessory: this feature helps the customers to have a solution for electronics enclosure that needs to be secured on a surface – whether horizontally or vertically. The enclosure can be installed on a wall, or even inside another machinery or even equipment.

Waterproof feature: this one totally depends on where the project the electronics enclosure will be used. This is designed to meet the NEMA or IP ratings, but it also depends on the customization needs of the customer. Usually, the waterproof enclosure should include gaskets or other accessories to protect the equipment from moisture or dust.

Key Fob or Handheld: like with the previous example, this feature depends on where the enclosure will be used. Usually this type of enclosure will protect any equipment that will be used by hand or anything that will be used for a remote control application.

Potting box feature: some companies offer this type of enclosure and this one is the smallest among all categories.

Enclosures for desktop or instrumentation use: these are the enclosures that does not need to be mounted on any surface

For utility or universal use: these enclosure is for some projects that usually have a wider and broader requirement for the customer’s engineering project.

Has plug-in or wall-plug: some enclosures need this type of accessory depending on their application

Available enclosure customization: these enclosures will be designed or tailor fitted depending on where the customer will use the enclosure. This type of enclosures is primarily used for special projects and most of the time it requires accessories that the enclosure will require.

Accessories: this are the add-ons to the enclosure without having to change the rating or customize the entire design.

Some of the companies today have all these options in their enclosure. You can search one online and contact them directly. Remember that in every enclosure there is a special use and you should lay out the necessary applications for each of the enclosure before making a decision what to buy.