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What are Fireproof Electrical Enclosures?

Fireproof electrical boxes are a great solution for companies who are looking for ways to shield their electric components from damage that can arrive from explosive environments where airtight sealing is impractical or even impossible. However, there are some electric equipment designs that can be hermetically sealed to protect them from potential external hazards. The […]



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Small Electronics Enclosure with Battery Holders – Key Fobs

Even in small electronic equipment, there are small enclosures that are designed to protect these minute and delicate piece of electronics. The key fob enclosures are originally designed to be able to fit comfortably just in the palms of your hand. Even if these small electronics enclosure are very small, the need for additional battery […]



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The Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Right Enclosure

There are lot of questions that comes from customer inquiries about selecting the right electronics enclosure. I agree that because of several types, ratings, and materials used there are lot of possibilities for an electronics enclosure design. Also to add, companies have recognized this dilemma and they started to improve their catalog selection on their […]



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How to Understand NEMA Ratings on Electronics Enclosure?

Industrial enclosure manufacturing companies has already numerous of electronic enclosure product lines that successfully meet NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) ratings. This is to make sure that the customer is getting the best quality for the enclosure and they are given the confidence that the product is safe. Through NEMA rating, the customers know what […]



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How Does Plastic Enclosures React with Very High and Extreme Temperatures?

I have a great French bulldog and I really love him to the moon and the back. Unfortunately, because of his type of breed, unlike what people thinks he is really a high maintenance pet. Before you can have a French bulldog for a puppy you need to ask around, be with people who owned […]



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How Can Companies Best Meet Their Customers’ Needs Through Their Website?

Just recently, I was able to receive an email from a known national retailer. The company thanked me for the purchase I did for their product – men’s sandals. I admit that I have a problem when it comes to shoe-addiction. But this time I drew the line in buying men’s shoes. I was very […]



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What is the Best Shipping Estimator for the Delivery of Electronics Enclosure?

Majority of the time, I manage my money through online banking. Because it is very fast, convenient, efficient to use, and easy to navigate. My bank does a really great job on maintaining their website to be user-friendly. Which in return this makes the customers – like me – loyal to their services. In line […]



Waterproof Enclosures Defined

When it is winter in my home town, the blizzard that sweeps through my town has been driving me really crazy. It’s so freezing and the fact that I cannot take my dog for a walk makes me sad. However, my 2 year old Labrador does not understand the complications of walking outside despite the […]



Efficient and Effective 10 Quick Tips Used for Data Center and Energy Efficiency

Just by primarily focusing on some of the best energy efficiencies in the data center can have drastic result in decrease of operational costs. Just by determining how much of this can be manipulated, such as different elements in the data center – airflow and cooling- can help you identify how much you should spend […]



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How to add A Unusual or Non-Conventional Parts or Accessories to Your Electronics Enclosure?

We discovered that our TV stand would not work in the living room. Yesterday, we had spent the day scrubbing his apartment so the car was full of cleaning supplies such as vacuum, mop, and garbage cans. Since we passed a furniture store we decided to stop and just check out what was available. Finding […]