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How Can Companies Best Meet Their Customers’ Needs Through Their Website?

Just recently, I was able to receive an email from a known national retailer. The company thanked me for the purchase I did for their product – men’s sandals. I admit that I have a problem when it comes to shoe-addiction. But this time I drew the line in buying men’s shoes. I was very intrigued enough to check their product website and to make sure that there are no other purchase took place under my account. I was surprised to see that the whole website has been redesigned. There are now several choices to choose from and you can also review your order history. Even the items that you recently just viewed.

That company really amazed me on how they have retained the customers’ historical search data on their website. Imagine life would be easier if you want to buy the item that you have seen from their website before. Amazing right? I just felt relieved because I have finally seen a company that can give you the information on what items you have previously visited before.

Just imagine the kind of empowerment this type of website gives you because you will be able to login into your favorite shipping site and you will be able to do whatever stuff you want to do. Just name it and you can do anything that you want to do!

When it comes to enclosure manufacturing company, they should acquire this new feature and setup. Together with the new design of the website, the customer will be empowered on what type of enclosure they want to purchase and what type of material it is made form. Throughout the years, companies have been getting several calls from several customers asking for the design drawings of their product enclosures. In response to these numerous requests, the companies are continually uploading their design drawings onto their website.

Each of the drawings is attached to a specific product pages. The customer does not have to call anymore. If they are looking at the website at wee hours in the morning, they will be able to make the right purchase without having to connect to a customer representative. They can just click on the 2D DWG or 3D model of the enclosure drawing and they can already see the different details that are included in the product website. The customers now can download and view the different 2D dwg files as well as the PDF drawings.

There are lot of advantages to having a very good website design right?

If the customer does not want to download the files, the companies can incorporate a 3D mini-model readily available on their website for viewing purposes. Coming right from the website. This will allow the company to effectively manipulate the image to properly view the right product coming from several angles. The viewer can achieve this just by using their laptop or desktop mouse.