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5 Efficient Tips to Achieve Data Center’s Electricity Efficiency

Through focusing on having efficient energy sources inside your data center, you can achieve the reduced operational costs. Determining how to effectively manage the different elements of the data center airflow system management as well as cooling management will empower you to determine how much energy was spent and not the other way around.

  • Use an improved cold/hot aisle configuration

The IT equipment inside the data center was supposed to release the hot air from the inside and it is designed to take the cold air in. Once your equipment was faced at different directions, your machine will have the tendency to let the exhaust inside of the machine next to it and this will not result in an efficient operation. With this in mind, if you placed your equipment in the same direction and dedicate part of aisles in the data center in the direction of hot or cold air, you will avoid this problem. As well as the problems that may arise through it.

  • Utilize floor integral grommet

Grommet accessory can give you a valuable entry point for cable management while helping you to maintain a good airflow. In addition to this, there are companies that is leader and expert in managing airflow technology. That’s why their floor grommets are becoming superior compare to other brands in the markets because it gives companies up to 48% in energy savings.

  • Double check the data center for case of over cooling

Your equipment in the data center needs to operate at an ideal temperature. Needless to sa, if your equipment in the data center became overheated, it will not function efficiently. With this in mind, if the contrary happens and your equipment becomes too cold it will not also work efficiently. It is optimal to keep your data center’s temperature at no less than 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the right temperature to maintain your equipment at the best operating point.

  •  Utilize blank panels

Blanking panels comes in a very efficient way when your rack is heating more compare to other equipments. The devices such as these makes an effective seal to be able to control the hot air releasing from the equipment and it prevents the hot air from reaching the front of your server cabinets. More specifically, these blanking panels stops onto your racks to determine the main problems of your data centers. By determining the problematic areas will epower you to effectively monitor and be able to control the existing problem. In these spots on your server racks you can utilize the blanking panels and other devices to help it cool down.

  • Carefully consider the utilization of portable cooling units

When you use protable spot coolers, this is the best decision you will ever make for your data center! This is the greatest tool for effectively cooling down your server racks without having to cool the entire data center. There are profitable air conditioners existing in the market that are of the best equality and they give you the best energy efficiency for your data center cooling needs.